What Prevents People from Trading Confidently?

October 6th, 2021

In his recent webinar, TAS Market Profile Simplified, Candid Commodities founder Steve Dahl asked what he called “The Big Question”: what prevents people from trading confidently?

Dahl said that, in his experience, there are a number of reasons that people give for lacking confidence in their trading. First, someone may feel like they are too new to trading to feel completely confident. Experience level isn’t everything, though. Dahl also said that, even with his 20 years of trading experience, he’s still learning new things.

A trader may also experience a lack of confidence if they feel like they don’t know how to read charts correctly or if they just feel overwhelmed by the amount of complicated information that is involved in trading. Dahl said that some traders may simply feel like they aren’t smart enough to become an “expert trader”.

These are just a few of the many reasons someone might feel a lack of confidence in their trading abilities. But there’s good news! Dahl was emphatic that these challenges can be overcome.

“I’m here to tell you that anyone has the potential to be a successful trader,” he said.

In this short clip, Steve Dahl explains these ideas in greater detail. Be sure to also check out his full webinar to hear his suggestions on how to overcome nervousness and trade with confidence.

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