Create an Investing Model Unique to You

December 29th, 2021

In his recent NinjaTrader Ecosystem webinar Investing Timelines, Trading Street founder Timothy LuCarelli explained how to create an investing model that is unique to you. He explained a personalized model as having two main parts: an assessment of the market or instrument you want to trade and an assessment of your own trading personality.

The first step is to analyze the market that interests you. What are the unique attributes of that market? Determine the market risks and write a thorough assessment of all your observations.

Then, evaluate your own trading personality. LuCarelli listed some questions that you could ask yourself: Are you a multi-tasker, or would you rather do things one at a time? Are you a planner, or do you like to “shoot from the hip”? What makes you happy? Do you like to move very quickly, or would you rather take your time? Write down your answers to these questions, and any other thoughts you have about your own personality, habits or temperament.

Once you have a list of attributes of the market and a list of attributes about yourself, it’s time to compare your personality assessment with your observations of the market. How does your personality align with the qualities of the market? How are they in conflict with each other? By doing this, you can gain an idea of whether your personality and habits are a good match for the market or instrument that interests you. Being thorough and honest throughout this process is key. LuCarelli said that the most important thing, though, is to be ready and willing to admit that a certain market or investment may not be for you.

In this short clip, Timothy LuCarelli introduces the idea of a personalized investing model. If you are interested in learning more about how to tailor your trading to your personality, be sure to check out LuCarelli’s full-length webinar.

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