Benefits of Automated Strategies

September 16th, 2021

In his recent webinar, How to Use Market Profile and Automated Algorithms, Deer Creek Enterprises CEO, Jason Glace, described some of the benefits of automated strategies.

First, he explained, automated strategies are significantly faster than manual strategies – a distinct benefit when the markets are moving fast. In addition, there is no emotion involved with automated trading strategies.

“We let the automated strategies do what they’re supposed to do,” Glace said. “When they’re programmed properly, they’re looking for certain parameters for when to enter and exit.”

This helps traders avoid mistakes made due to impatience, anxiety or other emotions that may cloud their judgment. Instead, an automated strategy can be pre-programmed with specific stops and targets.

Finally, Jason said that automated strategies can be used in both simple and complex ways.

According to his presentation, “automated strategies can vary from monitoring one type of trading style or indicator to many at one time.” It all depends on how sophisticated the trader wants to make their strategy.

In this short clip, Jason Glace goes into more detail about how automated strategies can help traders avoid mistakes caused by their emotions.

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