How to Use Market Profile and Automated Algorithms


Date: August 19, 2021

Presenter: Jason Glace

Company: Deer Creek Enterprises Inc.

Join Jason Glace, director and CEO of Deer Creek Enterprises, for a discussion of how to use automated strategies and why he believes that using them is far superior to using manual strategies – even if they are the same strategy.

Discover the automated algorithms and indicators that Deer Creek Enterprises and their customers use on a daily basis in their live teaching classrooms.

The following topics are covered during the event:

  • See how to find market maker levels the day before they happen
  • Discover why proper automation is more consistent with entries and exits
  • Learn to stop trading with emotion and trade with properly tuned algorithms
  • Hear about the automated algorithms that Deer Creek Enterprises uses everyday
  • Observe how to automatically get market maker levels plotted on your chart every night to use for the next day’s session

About Jason Glace

Jason Glace is a retired racer and ESPN X-Games athlete. He is also an engineer-turned-professional-trader and programmer. Jason trades every day and teaches students in a live classroom about how to use the automated strategies that he has developed.


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