Custom Auto-Traders: Your Futures Trading Rules, Your Style

July 13th, 2023

Auto-traders are one of the most effective tools for futures traders looking to gain an edge on the markets. Many traders turn to generic, off-the-shelf auto-trader products to achieve their futures trading goals. However, according to a recent webinar sponsored by the NinjaTrader Ecosystem, that may not be the most effective choice.

Hosted by SharkIndicators Founder and Chief Architect Jeremy Tang and Co-Founder and Product Specialist Zachary White, the webinar “Build an Auto-Trader in 15 Minutes” covered how to build a custom auto-trading system with no coding experience required.

But why is building a custom auto-trader so important when there are so many highly rated auto-trade products available on the market?

The Case for Custom Auto-Traders

In their presentation, Tang and White argued that off-the-shelf auto-traders are essentially black boxes, working from a “secret sauce,” with mystery around the parameters being tracked and little known about what’s going on under the hood.

The manufacturers that produce these auto-traders don’t want to give away any proprietary information or specific trading secrets. This creates a one-size-fits-all approach, which may not be ideal for all traders. Everyone has a different trading style with different risk appetites and goals. Therefore it is emphasized to customize your auto-trader to meet your unique trading needs.

A common myth around building custom auto-traders is that:

  • You must be a developer with coding skills, or
  • You must learn how to code, or
  • You must hire a developer with coding skills

However, this is not necessarily true as building your own auto-trader can achieve the same results without having to invest your time or resource with development.

To learn more, watch the full SharkIndicators presentation, now available for free in our archives.

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