Basic Market Structure

June 23rd, 2020

How can traders determine whether the bulls or the bears are in control? In this 2-minute video clip from his webinar Discover Market Structure and Swing Trend Analysis, Kris of LizardIndicators explains how he identifies trend changes on a chart. As Kris explains, when viewing a reversing uptrend, first a lower high is detected as a precursor, and then a change in trend is officially called when the prior swing low is broken.

“Market structure is a technical term for describing what the market has been doing in the past and what it needs to do in the future for the bulls or the bears to maintain their possessions.”

Kris demonstrates both a bullish and bearish example, showing how to take advantage of trend changes in both directions. He also explains how swing highs & lows are relevant in Fibonacci retracement pattern analysis & more.

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