Why Alpha Fibonacci Software Is The Ultimate Way to Trade


Date: May 11, 2023

Presenter: Alla Peters-Plocher

Company: Fibonacci Trading Institute

You are invited to: Why Alpha Fibonacci Is The Ultimate Way to Trade.

In this event you will learn why Alpha Fibonacci is the ultimate way to trade, with an emphasis on how Alpha Fibonacci identifies institutional crashes and rallies in advance, and how it identifies precise targets on all instruments. Included will be a review of futures, stocks, Forex and crypto in currency markets, and an explainer on how you can trade Alpha Fibonacci with NinjaTrader.

In this session, the following topics will be covered:

  • How Fibonacci is the only predictive tool to trade
  • How Alpha Fibonacci identifies reversals in advance
  • How Alpha Fibonacci identifies precise targets
  • Review of futures, stocks, crypto and FX with Alpha Fibonacci
  • How you can trade Alpha Fibonacci software and system on all instruments

About Alla Peters-Plocher

Alla Peters-Plocher is the developer of the proprietary Alpha Fibonacci System, and founder of the Fibonacci Trading Institute, the Fibonacci Trading YouTube channel and the FibInstitute podcast channel.

Alla has mentored traders of all levels – from beginner to hedge fund manager – in the U.S. and in more than 50 countries, since 2011. She’s shown how to build consistent wealth with a proprietary, institutional Alpha Fibonacci System. This system can be traded on futures, stocks, Forex, crypto, ETF’s, mutual funds and via options.

The system is taught in live, online classes, complete with video library and modules. This proprietary system can be traded on all platforms, all instruments and with Alpha Fibonacci software for NinjaTrader.

Alla has built multi-million dollar enterprises since emigrating from Ukraine to the U.S. with $60 to her name, in 1989. Alla has raised highly successful children in finance, and has a large family. She holds multiple degrees, is a classical pianist, marathon runner, wife and mother.


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