What’s your cost average?


Date: April 20, 2023

Presenter: Chad Nash

Company: Nash Technologies

Do you ever get fed up with endless trading strategies and inconsistent results? Have you tried trading manually with cost averaging your entries but failed? Have you found yourself getting emotional about your trades?

Join Chad Nash, founder and CEO of Nash Technologies, as he explains why so many people fail when attempting to cost average their entries. Learn a solution called CASA (Cost Average Strategy Agent), which can help traders with their entries. CASA is an algo bot for NinjaTrader that can handle your initial entry, additional cost average entries, parabolic entries, hedging and early exit.

The following topics are covered during the event:

  • Understand dollar cost average
  • Learn why cost average often fails
  • See how to implement CASA in your trading
  • Discover parabolic and hedge integrations
  • Hear about early exit options

About Chad Nash

Chad Nash, CEO of Nash Technologies, says he’s been “a geek “since he was twelve years old.

How did he know this about himself? Well, maybe it was his closet full of spy-tech toys. Or maybe it was the time he “tricked out” his Intel 286 computer with a one-gig SCSI hard drive (at age 12, remember?).


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