What Are Most Traders Doing They’re Not Aware Of? Find Out and Make It Your Competitive Advantage

Adam Fiske of BossTrading

Date: October 26, 2023

Presenter: Adam Fiske

Company: BossTrading

Market makers leverage scientific and medically-backed insights to exploit innate human behaviors, often unnoticed by most traders. If you’ve ever felt like the market has its own playbook targeting you, this is your opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and learn how to integrate it into your trading.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Unlock medical research as to why even experienced traders are caught out
  • Discover professional trading desk methods transforming these traps into unique opportunities
  • The intriguing connection between the market’s playbook and the principles of poker bet sizing for success

About Adam Fiske

Adam Fiske is an industry-trained trader with 19 years of experience, including as portfolio manager, trading for wholesale investors across stocks, futures and options to intraday futures trading in the debt market for a proprietary futures trading firm. He’s also a published author of over 100 articles for respected finance websites on the methods of professional trading firms.


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