Using Renko Bars to Improve Your Trading Consistency


Date: January 13, 2022

Presenter: John Santos

Company: Zoom In Profit Algo System

There can be advantages to trading with Renko bars over time bars. However, automated systems can suffer from a lack of accuracy when backtesting with historical data instead of replay data.

Join John Santos, founder of Zoom in Profit Algo System, for a deeper exploration of these options. See a demonstration, with practical examples, of strategies using Renko bars.

The following topics are covered during the event:

  • Can Renko bars outperform time bars?
  • The problem with backtesting with Renko bars – and the solution!
  • Discover the Trio-Uno System of PANC – Price Action Naked Chart

About John Santos

John Santos has been a NinjaTrader user since 2008. He launched Zoom in Profit Algo System in December of 2020. This led to the creation of a community of traders who all support each other, with a focus on prop firms trading and using the NinjaTrader platform to deploy automated strategies.


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