Understand What Drives the Market


Date: January 18, 2018

Presenter: Jared Putnam

Company: TradingSUPRA

What drives the market? Is there an underlying, common denominator that can benefit your trading? Jared Putnam, Founder of TradingSUPRA, discusses why price change happens, and how knowing this can improve your analysis. Learn how the setups you currently use can be improved with TradingSUPRA, and understand how to find order-flow based trades in real-time without having to be perfect!

In this session, the following topics will be covered:

  • Learn what enables price changes
  • Discover how understanding price change dynamics work in your favor
  • See examples of “high edge” trade locations
  • Witness SUPRA technology among repetitive market move events

About Jared Putnam

Jared Putnam placed his first trade in Sugar Futures in the late summer of 1997. After starting with success, a difficult road lay ahead. Multiple account blow-outs and numerous near-misses led to key realizations. Then, in 2005 while working at a proprietary trading firm, Jared was introduced to looking at the market from an order-flow perspective. This was a pivotal change, and order-flow is easily the foremost reason he now loves the markets! Jared has formed from his hard-earned lessons critical knowledge and experience. Today, he develops high-performance algorithms, and offers specialized consulting with a focus on assisting fellow traders in reach their trading business goals.


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