Trading Pullbacks & Reversals

Paul Bratby

Date: March 07, 2024

Presenter: Paul Bratby, Founder

Company: Global Trading Software

Using xBrat technology and the power of the NinjaTrader platform, Paul simplifies what can be a complex trading strategy that can clutter up charts: Three different types of trading signals for trading the pullbacks and trend reversals whilst keep trading charts clutter free. This event highlights the three simple rules that traders need to follow when harnessing technology to do all the heavy lifting.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

• Identifying tradable pullbacks
• Identifying trend failures
• Using technology to simplify these trading strategies
• A simple set of rules to follow
• Uncovering automated support & resistance zone technology

About Paul Bratby, Founder

Paul Bratby, an accomplished ex-British army engineering manager, possesses a unique talent for recognizing behavioral patterns and finding intersections between human behavior and the financial markets. Through a series of remarkable life events, Paul has progressed from a humble 17-year-old apprentice in the British army to a successful trader to founder of Global Trading Software and its popular series of trading indicator software. 
His first book, “Confluence Not Coincidence,” published in 2023, became a testament to his expertise and serves as a stepping stone in his ongoing quest to share knowledge and experiences with others. Paul attributes his triumphs to his steadfast adherence to disciplined rules, and his unwavering commitment to rational decision making in both life and trading. 


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