Tradesight Pressure Threshold Tool for NinjaTrader


Date: March 23, 2023

Presenter: Chris Mercer

Company: Tradesight

Join Chris Mercer, President of Tradesight, to learn about the actual math behind the Tradesight Pressure Threshold tools. Discover what the numbers mean and how to use them when trading stocks, futures and Forex.

The following topics were covered during the event:

  • An introduction to Tradesight’s Pressure Threshold Tool
  • Tradesight’s training resources
  • How to use the Pressure Threshold Tool in combination with other tools

About Chris Mercer

Chris Mercer has been trading the markets since 1991. He is experienced in stocks, futures, Forex, options and bonds. His company, Tradesight, was founded in 2022. Since then, Tradesight has trained more than 1000 individuals on the markets.


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