Trade with a Discipline Manager


Date: April 06, 2023

Presenter: Steve Tremper


Join creator Steve Tremper for a discussion of discipline management for traders.

Take control of your trading business by allowing the Discipline Manager® to police you and your trading rules. Don’t get caught up in the heat-of-the-moment justifying rule divergence. Stick to the plan to come back another day.

You (as a trader) should not modify rules while trading. That is not a decision to be made by a trader in the moment, but rather by your trading business’ CEO (which is also you).

The following topics are covered during the event:

  • Learn to follow your own trading rules
  • See how discipline helps to manage risk
  • Discover how discipline can benefit your psychology
  • Get money management tips

About Steve Tremper

Steve Tremper started trading futures during his career in the fire service. Retired since 2019, he calls trading his ‘new J-O-B’. As a trader, he struggled with the psychological and emotional sides of money management. That struggle became the inspiration behind his Discipline Manager® tool.


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