Trade High Probability Real Time Divergences Using SPY


Date: October 15, 2020

Presenter: Chris Knox

Company: ZoneTraderPro

ZoneTraderPro has developed a completely unique divergence indicator to complement the order flow and price patterns suite for ZoneTraderPro. Divergences created in the ES, SPY and VXX translate directly to ES futures.

In this event, founder Chris Knox discusses using ZoneTraderPro divergence patterns to successfully inform a trade. Chris also demonstrates a new BloodHound template used to determine trend.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • See accumulation & distribution divergences in SPY & VXX
  • Combine real time divergences to create high probability ES trades
  • Use the VIX to determine real time trends
  • Discover the ZoneTraderPro Divergence Tool to analyze volume

About Chris Knox

Chris created ZoneTraderPro in 2007, initially dedicated to repetitive patterns found in market price action. In 2017 ZoneTraderPro began development of pattern matching in the order flow resulting in the current ZTP Order Flow Suite of tools.

In 2019 ZoneTraderPro developed tools for detecting order size, leading to the creation of 100% unique tools for cumulative delta, divergences, accumulation/distribution and volume analysis.


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