How to Trade Fibonacci Trend Inception & Reversal Levels


Date: January 04, 2018

Presenter: Alla Peters

Company: Fibonacci Trading Institute

Join Alla Peters of Fibonacci Trading Institute, and discover the simplicity of trading pure price action using her proprietary Fibonacci retracement levels completely indicator-free. Discover her remarkably simple approach to identify key trading levels for isolating trend reversal and trend inception areas with extremely high accuracy.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Discover how to identify Fibonacci entries and exits on any instrument or time-frame
  • Learn how to identify key trading levels for isolating trend reversal and inception areas
  • Identify when to stay out of the market by understanding its unique Fibonacci signature
  • Discover how Fibonacci can improve your trading accuracy

About Alla Peters

Drawing on years of experience in the financial markets, after the collapse of 2008, Alla Peters recognized that fundamentals are meaningless if they contradict price. In 2008, she developed her proprietary indicator-free Fibonacci and price action methodology using only pure price action for entries and Fibonacci for exits. The method applies to any instrument and any time-frame. Since 2011, Alla has taught a variety of traders around the world from complete beginners to hedge fund managers.


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