Smarter Trading with Self-Aware and Auto-Optimizing Indicators


Date: November 10, 2022

Presenter: Daniel Sinnig


Imagine playing poker when you know the potential chance of success before the first card is even dealt. You would sit out the hands when odds are against you and play the hands when odds are in your favor. While in poker this would require “stacking the deck” and cheating, in trading it is an industry best practice to evaluate probabilities as part of your trading strategy. have developed a set of intelligent indicators that give clear entry signals and give insight into how the signals have performed historically. Each long or short signal comes with a statistical success rate. This is valuable information for any trader, as supports making informed trading decisions. These indicators are self-optimizing and will automatically determine the best settings based on current market conditions. This means there is so more need for second-guessing or trying to figure out the best settings manually. Instead, the indicators do the heavy lifting for you.

Join Daniel Sinnig, Managing Partner at for a game-changing presentation. Whether you are a day trader, swing trader or investor, these self-aware and auto-optimizing indicators have the potential to change the way you trade.

The following topics are covered during the event:

  • Discover self-aware and auto-optimizing indicators
  • See how to access real-time statistics on your chart
  • Hear about next-generation scanning for optimized signals

About Daniel Sinnig

Dr. Daniel Sinnig is a trader and professional software engineer. He develops trading solutions, analytic dashboards, trading indicators and automated strategies for users across the trading industry. His work employs concepts from algorithmic design, intelligent systems, machine learning, optimization and technical analysis to build powerful trading tools for traders and educators alike.

Sinnig is passionate about changing the current trading landscape by focusing on each trader’s unique needs. He is a managing partner of and His team offers end-to-end services and software for retail traders and trading educators.


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