Simple Strategies to Craft a Trading Edge


Date: November 09, 2017

Presenter: Gary Ender


Professional Trader and Educator, Gary Ender of shows you several options to increase your odds for trading success. Discover how utilizing simple basic indicators and combinations of these indicators can give you an effective edge in your trading.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Trading is a game of odds and creating a valid trading edge does not have to be complicated
  • Learn several ways to easily incorporate Fibonacci into your current methodology
  • Discover methods of charting multiple connected markets to assess the power and confirmation of a sustained move
  • Explore methods to combine several of these simple indicators to match your trading style and improve your odds

About Gary Ender

Independent Trader and Charting Expert, Gary Ender, originally developed an interest in the financial markets in the early 1980’s while simultaneously building a management career at a multi-billion-dollar, global corporation. Twenty-four years later, Gary left Corporate America to pursue his passion for the markets. As his professional trading career surged ahead, Gary became very aware of the importance of adjusting his methods based on fluctuating market conditions, and he began searching for a specific set of indicators and techniques that would work effectively in any market and also in any time frame. After years of research, trial and error, and extensive back-testing and refinement, he developed his own proprietary trading model that he now refers to as his ShrewdTradingModel; a confluence of complementary, technical indicators that allow him to further perfect his timing of the markets. In 2008, he was hired by an online, educational candle charting business where he began teaching traders how to recognize and utilize candles, but more importantly, how to incorporate them with other trading methods. In May of 2012, Gary decided it was time merge his extensive business acumen with his distinctively accurate interpretation of the markets. He launched an educational website where traders and investors have access to a multitude of Gary’s unique educational services and insightful market commentary. Shrewd Trading allows Gary to trade on a daily basis, while sharing his love for the markets and his desire to guide others to improve their market skills through mentoring, coaching and daily communication. He mentors a limited number of traders, teaching them, and his subscribers, techniques that he employs in his own trading.

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