Scalping – Taking Just a Little Off the Top


Date: April 27, 2023

Presenter: Tony Peterson

Company: The Intentional Trader

In some trading circles, scalping (taking lots of small profits) has a bit of a tarnished reputation. The assumption among non-scalpers is that you must have nerves of steel, a huge trading account and the ability to sit and trade constantly for hours and hours at a time just to make a trade consistently. And so many trades must mean lots of fees, right? But the world has changed and so has trading.

Join Tony Peterson, Head Trader at The Intentional Trader, for a lesson on how to take quick trades (just minutes or even seconds) and do it with a relaxed attitude and a low time commitment. His strategy is trend independent, low-stress and averages five trades per session. It is built entirely on technical analysis of historical market reactions to specific events, resulting in yes/no linear trade qualifying criteria.

These questions are answered during the event:

  • What is scalping?
  • Is scalping bad?
  • Who are scalpers?
  • How can scalpers become consistent traders?
  • Why should you become a scalper?

About Tony Peterson

Tony Peterson began his trading career like many traders, struggling and failing for years. This experience inspired him to “unlearn” everything he’d been learning about day trading and take a different approach.

Since 2008, Peterson has turned full-time to day trading and developing his PullBack trading system. He has always tried to avoid being labeled as a scalper because of the historically negative perception associated with it. However, he’s recently decided to embrace the label of “Scalper”, and make sure people understand what that really means.


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