Risk Management Disciplines for Futures Trading


Date: November 30, 2023

Presenter: Joel Wyse, Futures Trader

Company: Affordable Indicators

Joel Wyse discusses his personal trading plan, which revolves around strict risk management disciplines. The market won’t always respect our trade setups, but you can maintain an advantage using consistent risk reward planning for each trade.

Learn straightforward techniques and begin to develop your own plan for risk management on a weekly, daily and trade-by-trade basis. Risk management disciplines must be at the foundation of your futures trading business. Joel shares ideas that can be integrated immediately with almost any trading method.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Advanced chart trading execution features
  • Support and resistance entry methods
  • Dynamic risk reward using the ATR indicator

About Joel Wyse, Futures Trader

Joel became interested in day trading as a college student. He started using NinjaTrader out of curiosity to test his ideas, and now has 15 year’ experience with programming on the NinjaTrader platform. He is most passionate about futures trading, but remains committed to building the best day trading tools. Joel enjoys connecting with his clients and bringing their ideas to life.


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