Psychological Tips for Passing a Funded Account Challenge


Date: March 09, 2023

Presenter: James Thorpe

Company: TradeDay

Join James Thorpe, CEO and co-founder of TradeDay, for a look at many of the psychological hurdles that traders face when trying to pass a funded trading account challenge. Get unique tips and specific advice for overcoming these hurdles.

Watch to learn learn how to…

  • Have a strategy and know the rules
  • Avoid trading too large a size
  • Resist over-trading
  • Trade with consistency
  • Transition to a funded account slowly

About James Thorpe

James Thorpe is the CEO and co-founder of TradeDay, an evaluation services provider in the Sim-to-Funded futures trading space. TradeDay seeks to differentiate themselves from the competition by drawing on their institutional experience and delivering the advantages of a professional trading group to traders at home.

Thorpe first started working as a broker in the early 1990s, and his extensive experience includes serving as the CEO of Mercury Derivatives and Clear Capital Group, and as the North American Regional Head of ITARLE.

Born and raised in the UK, Thorpe graduated from the Herts Regional College of Business and Finance. He has built trading businesses in Europe, China, India, Africa and in the United States, where he now resides with his family.


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