Practical Trading Mind Methods

International Day Trading Academy

Date: October 19, 2023

Presenter: Cameron Buchanan

Company: International Day Trading Academy

Cam teaches the traders in this session how they can unlock the power of the mind when trading, and how to take charge of the silent enemy within. He shows methods to extend your awareness and expand to a growth mindset in their trading.

Cam works on how to simplify your trading by becoming aware of your repetitive responses when trading in the markets. Are they positive or negative? In this session, he also delves into the emotions around loss and disappointment and the how this has a long-lasting effect on your trading unless dealt with.

Cam teaches the simplicity of learning and how to take charge of your mind as a powerful act. There are three pillars of trading; technical analysis, risk management and trading psychology. Neglecting even one of these pillars will result in a weak trading strategy without the strength of longevity.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Psychology and probability
  • No. 1 enemy
  • Looping emotional patterns
  • Attacking mindset issues
  • Mind methods

About Cameron Buchanan

Cameron Buchanan is the founder, director of International Day Trading Academy (IDTA). He is a full-time trader – in the trading industry now for over 20 years – a pro trader, trainer, teacher, moderator, educational strategist, future forecaster and investor.

Cam specializes in teaching students how to trade futures in a holistic and unique way. He believes that traders need to have thorough understanding of market context, their trading method, trade management principles and possess the correct trading mindset.


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