Multi-Time Frame Trend Trading


Date: July 26, 2018

Presenter: Bill Broughman

Company: Kwik*Pop

Watch as Bill Broughman of Kwik*Pop Dynamics software gives you a clear view of market trends, with pivot entry points guiding the way to better entries alongside large commercial traders. Kwik*Pop’s Dynamic Power Bars clearly identify these large traders and their accompanying support and resistance. Additionally, Kwik*Pop has a fully designed educational program to help improve daily trading consistency.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Identify emerging trends with the Pivot2Color indicator
  • Use Kwik*Pop’s exclusive Scorecard Bar Coloring: red for short, blue for long, and yellow for neutral
  • Find out whether the market is in a long state or short move with the Trend cutter pre-tuned market trend oscillator
  • Use Kwik*Pop’s Dynamic Power Bars to determine the bias of large commercial traders
  • Learn more about Kwik*Pop’s Traders Consistency Class, where traders can trade as they learn

About Bill Broughman

Bill Broughman has been trading for 20 years, while also owning various business ventures. Bill acquired Kwik*Pop to carry on the company’s legacy and share the years of trading knowledge he has with others. Kwik*Pop 6 and the Dynamic Power Tools are the combination of Bill’s trading experience and the existing Kwik*Pop tools.


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