Make Your Own Custom AutoTrader in NinjaTrader 8


Date: August 23, 2018

Presenter: Jeremy Tang and Zac White

Company: SharkIndicators

Join Jeremy & Zac of SharkIndicators as they present a live demo of their revolutionary autotrader, showcasing the new features included with the BloodHound for NinjaTrader 8 release. Trading systems are as personal as the individual using them. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to trading, which is precisely why Jeremy Tang developed BloodHound in 2011. Seven years & thousands of users later, BloodHound is officially ready for NinjaTrader 8!

In this session, the following topics are covered:

Discover why we built BloodHound (Man vs Machine)

Learn to create your own system with any 3rd party indicators

Understand how to trust your trading system (quick & easy backtesting)

Create automated entry & exit signals

Build, test & automate with NO CODE


About Jeremy Tang and Zac White

Jeremy Tang is the founder and Chief Architect at SharkIndicators. He specializes in building software which allows traders to model their systems and risk management rules without any coding. With nearly 30 years of combined software development and trading experience, he is a rare breed of both professional developer and trader. Zac White is a founder and Product Specialist of SharkIndicators. He brings over 20 years of trading experience and an extensive technical background. Zac has assisted countless traders in modeling their systems, allowing them to backtest and auto-trade their strategies with no coding whatsoever. Chat with him on Thursdays & Fridays during our live weekly workshops.


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