Make Precise Entry & Exit Decisions


Date: November 19, 2020

Presenter: David Gear

Company: BuySide Global

Dave Gear, Managing Director of BuySide Global, demonstrates advanced tools to help struggling traders grow their accounts. Find out how Buyside Global’s revolutionary software enables thousands of traders to have an edge in the market.

Discover the keys to successfully building your account through the use of the BSG Strategies. BuySide Global has a complete suite of indicators designed to work together with algorithmic buy & sell signals providing clear entry & exit points.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Easily identify accurate entry & exit points
  • Discover strategies to grow a small account
  • Incorporate Order Flow into your trading
  • See an overview of BSG’s suite of indicators
  • Hear a discounted offer at the end of the webinar


About David Gear

Dave Gear has been trading futures for over 10 years and educates traders on how to become successful using the BSG suite of products. BuySide Global’s proprietary software algorithms track institutional traders as they change their bids and offers. BSG’s software delivers real-time buy & sell signals on time-tested strategies. BSG has been a proud vendor of NinjaTrader since 2015. Learn more at


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