Leveraging the Power of NinjaTrader’s Users


Date: August 11, 2022

Presenter: John Santos & Connor Slayton

Company: Zoom in Profit Algo System & Futures Analytica

Join John Santos, founder of Zoom in Profit Algo System, and Connor Slayton, founder of Futures Analytica, for a unique webinar experience.

Explore the importance of people working together to validate trading systems. Go beyond the usual emphasis on software and trading tools. Learn to leverage the power of like-minded traders to help save yourself time and money in your pursuit of consistent trading.

The following topics are covered during the event:

  • Uncover the trust factor among peer traders for mutual help
  • See traders working together to validate a hybrid trading system
  • Hear an explanation of Futures Analytica’s Polarity ATI system
  • Learn how to evolve from hypothetical to live trading

About John Santos & Connor Slayton

John Santos is the founder of Zoom in Profit Algo System and has been a NinjaTrader platform user since 2008.

Connor Slayton is the founder of Futures Analytica.


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