Introducing Automated Market Mapping

Joshua Benton, Chartmap

Date: November 16, 2023

Presenter: Joshua Benton, Founder

Company: Chartmap

Watch Joshua Benton, the founder of, as he teaches an invaluable pattern recognition technique, and introduces the innovative Chartmap™ software for automated market mapping. Learn how you can try this new technology for free to gain advanced market insights, effortlessly. 

In this session, the following topics will be covered:

  • Discover a proven pattern recognition technique that works on every market
  • First public reveal of the innovative Chartmap™ software for automated market mapping
  • Live demo of Chartmap™ on recent market data

About Joshua Benton, Founder

Joshua Benton is a software engineer and the founder of He has dedicated the past eight years to trading automation and pattern recognition techniques. Chartmap leverages nearly 30 years of combined software engineering experience to uncover powerful market insights and make them accessible to traders. 


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