Identify Hidden Patterns, Volume & Strength Using ZoneTraderPro Order Flow


Date: August 16, 2018

Presenter: Chris Knox

Company: ZoneTraderPro

Join Chris Knox from ZoneTraderPro for an event focused on finding hidden patterns in the Order Flow and using these patterns to determine market direction. Learn about using the Order Flow to discover if market participants are accumulating large positions, and which patterns indicate key reversals in direction.

Chris also discusses what defines a high-risk trade opportunity so these can be avoided. The ZoneTraderPro Order Flow Suite is designed to easily identify these patterns and determine market direction.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

Learn how to find hidden patterns in Order Flow

Determine key market reversal points

Use clues in the Order Flow to enter and exit a trade

Understand how to avoid high risk trading opportunities

About Chris Knox

Chris Knox has been an active trader since 2002. Inspired by using trading software with disappearing signals, Chris created the ZoneTraderPro system in 2007. This uniquely designed system identifies known repeating patterns and has the added benefit of consistent signals. More recently, in 2017 Chris designed a better Order Flow Suite, again motivated by improving upon existing systems.


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