How to Trade Like a Hedge Fund Trader

Alla Peters, Fibonacci Trading Institute

Date: July 15, 2021

Presenter: Alla Peters

Company: Fibonacci Trading Institute

Join Fibonacci Trading Institute founder Alla Peters for an educational event in which she discusses how hedge fund traders think and trade.

She explains how you can trade like a hedge fund trader on all instruments. She also demonstrates how Alpha Fibonacci Traders have traded globally on all instruments since 2011, using hedge funds’ rules.

The following topics are covered during the event:

  • Hear how hedge fund traders prepare and trade
  • See multiple examples in current markets
  • Learn how you can trade like a hedge fund trader

About Alla Peters

Alla Peters is the founder of Fibonacci Trading Institute, the Fibonacci Trading YouTube Channel, the proprietary Alpha Fibonacci System, and the FibInstitute Podcast Channel. Since 2011, Alla has mentored traders in how to trade futures, stocks, Forex, options, commodities, and Bitcoin with the Institutional Alpha Fibonacci System. Alla continues to develop proprietary strategies, present at hedge fund events, and teach globally in live, online mentoring classes.


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