How to Trade Hedged Strategies on the NinjaTrader Platform


Date: May 06, 2021

Presenter: John Santos

Company: Zoom in Profit Algo System

Join John Santos of Zoom in Profit Algo System and learn how to implement hedged strategies on the NinjaTrader platform.

This event is focused on helping system developers and traders of all levels identify the key components necessary to effectively trade hedged strategies. If you want to learn the ins and outs of running multiple automated strategies simultaneously, you will not want to skip this webinar.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Discover how to trade hedged strategies on the NinjaTrader platform
  • Learn why to trade hedged strategies
  • Expand your knowledge of FIFO rule compliance on hedged strategies
  • Identify the dos and don’ts of a multi-strategy system
  • Explore how to implement a countertrend strategy

About John Santos

John Santos began algorithm trading in 2008, when market volatility peaked to historic levels. Since then, he’s traded through various market cycles that resemble seasons of the year with remarkable contrasts – except that there isn’t a calendar to pinpoint when one ends and the other starts. While witnessing unpredictable shifts in price action, he began exploring ways to trade a multi-strategy system to address the continuous shift in price action dynamics.


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