How to Spot Market Manipulation


Date: December 02, 2021

Presenter: Adam Ryan

Company: Optic Trading

Join Adam Ryan, President and founder of Optic Trading, and see how to identify manipulation tactics used by hedge funds, institutions and large traders. Learn why many traders are unaware of what really moves price, and discover how to trade with the smart money.

The following topics are covered during the event:

  • Learn what to focus on as a developing trader
  • Expand your knowledge of institutional order flow
  • See manipulation tactics used by hedge funds, institutions and large traders
  • Discover how to avoid getting run over by the big guys and start trading with them!

About Adam Ryan

Adam Ryan is a professional trader, educator and mentor with over a decade of full-time trading under his belt. He has also been featured on the popular Chat With Traders podcast, which is listened to in 50+ countries (Episode 12).

Adam was not an overnight success. He says his first few years of trading were frustrating and included many losses and rookie mistakes. Though it was difficult for him in those early years, he eventually found his way.

After years of sustained success, he decided to help struggling traders. In 2014, with this goal in mind, he founded Optic Trading.


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