How to Pass Funded Trading Tests

Simon Massey, Trade Room Plus

Date: July 29, 2021

Presenter: Simon Massey

Company: Trade Room Plus

Funded trading has exploded in popularity, with many traders looking to access large sums of capital in order to leverage their skills. The problem, however, is that the evaluation tests can be tricky to pass – and have strict rules that must be adhered to.

Simon Massey, lead trader at Trade Room Plus, has passed multiple funded trading tests. Join him for a discussion of his approach, including some of the strategies he uses to successfully pass the tests.

The following topics are covered during the event:

• Learn about funded trading test rules
• Explore potential strategies to pass them
• See example trades that Simon Massey took to pass them himself

About Simon Massey

Simon has been trading the financial markets for over ten years and has been running a live trading room for the last eight. There, he has taken thousands of live trades to demonstrate and explain the strategies he uses to trade the financial markets.

He believes that the most important thing in trade is execution. His sole focus is the art of getting in and out of trades.


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