How to Execute and Manage Developing Signals


Date: August 04, 2022

Presenter: Paul Levine

Company: StealthTraders

In today’s markets, where the vast majority of trades are generated by big institutions’ automated algorithms, you need to be stealthy in order to compete.

Join Paul Levine, founder of StealthTraders, as he explains their trading strategy. Their philosophy is to have the discipline to wait for the right signals before making a move.

Levine will show you how to identify when others want out of the trade – and why you may want in. Learn to spot critical market turning points based on price action. See how to use chart patterns and StealthTraders’ proprietary indicators to take advantage of potential trading opportunities.

The following topics are covered during the event:

  • Learn to spot signals with consistency
  • Discover when to execute and when to wait
  • See how to manage trades
  • Observe how StealthTraders’ system is fractal

About Paul Levine

Successful entrepreneur Paul Levine started investing in 1985. Like most people, he utilized the typical “hold and hope” strategy: hold stocks and hope they keep going up. Things were going well until Black Monday 1987, which nearly bankrupted him.

Vowing never to be decimated by the vagaries of the market again, he was determined to learn everything he could about trading and investing, the markets, price movement, etc.

Over the years, Levine has developed a patterns-based system that utilizes the the predictive buy and sell times of institutional algorithms. He has developed and refined the algorithms and techniques that he uses in his own trading. For the past several years, he has been teaching his system to a select few.


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