Fine-Tuning Harmonic Entry & Exit Triggers!

Kathy Garber

Date: July 20, 2017

Presenter: Kathy Garber

Company: Structural Trading

Kathy Garber, Founder of Structural Trading, explains how you can fine-tune harmonic entry and exit triggers. Harmonic patterns offer fantastic signals, but calibrating those triggers is essential for defining risk in a trade, as well as determining probability. Kathy demonstrates how her approach to harmonic trading offers mechanical rather than emotional trade opportunities.

In this session, the following topics will be covered:

  • Explore the difference between minute and STRenko bars
  • Discover the distinction between STRenko and STRange bars
  • Learn the significance of convergence and divergence
  • Understand the importance of practice for consistency

About Kathy Garber

Kathy Garber is the Founder of Structural Trading, an educational site featuring proprietary indicators designed to create a structured foundation, and help traders interested in symmetrical movements. Kathy was previously an educator/coach, senior analyst, and room moderator for TheTradingBook and MrTopStep. She is also currently a contributor for MrTopStep and Her methods are designed for simplicity, offering both aggressive and conservative strategies.


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