Execute and Manage High Percentage Signals


Date: September 12, 2019

Presenter: Paul Levine, Matt Fortnow

Company: Stealth Traders

History has shown that when everyone is looking down, it’s time to start looking up. Join Paul & Matt of Stealth Traders, a system which creates a roadmap for precisely when to buy or sell ahead of big market moves. Stealth Traders was designed to anticipate market direction and momentum of price action.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Learn to trade one universal signal
  • Discover when to enter and exit trades
  • Use Stealth Traders with any timeframe, chart type or instrument

About Paul Levine, Matt Fortnow

Successful entrepreneur Paul Levine started investing in 1985. When Black Monday occurred in 1987, his accounts were ravaged and he went nearly bankrupt. Determined never to be decimated by the market again, Paul became an expert on theories, concepts, ideas and principles related to trading and price movement.

Over the years, Paul developed a system based on predictive buy and sell patterns of institutional algorithms. He refined algorithms and techniques which he used to become one of the most accurate traders of our time.


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