Day Trading with Liquidity Zones

Trading Indicators

Date: February 15, 2024

Presenter: Daniel Sinnig, Founder

Company: Trading Indicators

Charts can be unpredictable and filled with noise, especially when it comes to day trading on lower time frames. Telling apart true technical price moves from fake outs can be a challengeeven for seasoned traders. 
However, when knowing what to look for, you can spot landmarks on the chart that naturally attract price. These landmarks are called Liquidity Zones. If we can spot these zones, we can estimate which ones are attracting price, and identify promising setups in the process. 
Dr. Daniel Sinnig from shows how you can spot these pivotal Liquidity Zones to empower your trading game. Using NinjaTrader, Daniel shares his favorite 4-step setup for day trading futures. Best of all, this powerful yet simple setup can be understood and applied by traders of all levels. 

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Liquidity Zones as Support and Resistance
  • High precision day trading
  • The Liquidity IQ Indicator
  • AI Charting Assistant

About Daniel Sinnig, Founder

Dr. Daniel Sinnig is a trader and professional software engineer. He develops trading solutions, analytic dashboards, trading indicators and automated strategies for various trading platforms, including NinjaTrader. Daniel employs concepts from algorithmic design, intelligent systems, machine learning, optimization, and technical analysis to build powerful trading tools for traders and trading educators. He is passionate about changing the current trading landscape by focusing on each trader’s unique needs. Daniel is a managing partner of  tradingindicators.comand His team offers end-to-end services and software for retail traders and trading educators. 


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