Day Trading Pullbacks from A Short-Term Trend

Tony Peterson Headshot

Date: December 08, 2022

Presenter: Tony Peterson

Company: The Intentional Trader

No trends move in just one direction for the entire life of the trend. No matter the time frame, trends always pullback or consolidate.

Most traders don’t realize how easy trend pullbacks are to spot because they don’t know how to anticipate them. It is possible to trade them in either direction if you know what to look for.

Join Tony Peterson, Lead Trader and Developer at The Intentional Trader, to learn how to spot pullbacks. Discover how to use them as a full trading system or to add them to your trend-following system to assist in scaling out of trades.

Watch to Learn:

  • How all trends have regular and exploitable pullback
  • Why pullbacks happen in all trends
  • How pullbacks are easy to anticipate with the right tools
  • Ways to identify the market conditions that could signal a pullback
  • About exhaustion, order flow and divergence

About Tony Peterson

Tony Peterson has been trading the exact same pullback trading system since 2009. He struggled to gain any traction in his trading in the early years of his career. It was not until he discovered how predictable pullbacks can be that he finally started seeing consistency in his trading. He has made day trading his career ever since. Until recently, Tony and his wife traveled the U.S. full time in their RV, day trading every day along the way.


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