Creative Algo Setups


Date: January 20, 2022

Presenter: Chad Nash

Company: Nash Technologies

Are your algo setups creative, or are they based on generic setups for moving averages and candlestick patterns?

Join Chad Nash, President and Chief Developer at Nash Technologies, and learn how to maximize NinjaTrader with creative algo setups that include multiple instruments, correlation, arbitrage and a focus on volume. Discover unique setups, learn their pros and cons, and see how to integrate them to existing strategies.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Evaluate the creativity of your trade setups
  • Build your understanding of correlation setups
  • See epic arbitrage setups
  • Discover equity curves
  • Let volume ignite!

About Chad Nash

Chad Nash is the CEO of Data Springs, Inc. and Chief Developer for Nash Technologies, as well as an avid trader. He has developed several leading-edge algo trading bots for crypto, Forex and futures. Nash has travelled throughout 88 countries, where he could often be found sailing or scuba diving. He has been featured on Forbes, Huffington Post and numerous travel shows. Nash is also the author of “The Lion in the Cubicle” and several other publications.


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