Cosmic Alerts: Futures Order Flow Trading


Date: September 01, 2022

Presenter: Blake B. and Jeremy J.

Company: Cosmic Alerts

Join Blake B. and Jeremy J., co-founders of Cosmic Alerts, for a breakdown of using order flow to trade futures.

Learn about order flow concepts. Gain in-depth insight into the trading strategy that Blake and Jeremy use to alert their Premium Discord members to trade plans.

The following topics are covered during the event:

  • Review order flow concepts
  • See how to effectively read order flow
  • Discover “Cosmic Pivots”
  • Hear how to use order flow with Cosmic Pivots
  • Learn how to identify trade setups

About Blake B. and Jeremy J.

Blake and Jeremy are the co-founders of Cosmic Alerts, a premium Discord community for options and futures traders. They share live trading via both voice and video stream.


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