Combine Analysis Techniques: Gain Confidence in Your Entry Points


Date: May 20, 2021

Presenter: Corey Lane

Company: TradersArmy

Join TradersArmy Co-Founder and Senior Trader Corey Lane as he walks through their unique use of three different technical analysis techniques.

The TradersArmy method does not use these techniques independently of one another, but combines them to help identify ideal entry points. They believe that each of these techniques have components that can work great, but that they also all have their flaws. This presentation shows how TradersArmy has developed a methodology that combines all three techniques – and how one’s flaws can be compensated by the use of another as an overlay.

Watch as Corey demonstrates the use of these techniques to try and improve your confidence in trade setups. He will also show examples of how to identify quality entry zones based on TradersArmy’s setups for reversal trading and momentum breakout trading.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Observe the combined use of three different technical analysis techniques
  • Review support and resistance, supply and demand, and fair price value areas
  • Discover how the use of all three can help to improve confidence in trade setups
  • Learn how these techniques can help identify quality entry zones
  • See examples using stocks, futures and Forex

About Corey Lane

As an educator in the financial markets, Corey Lane is committed to helping people “Live Life on Their Terms” – whatever that means to them.

Corey has been trading since 2006, with a primary focus on equity, options and futures trading. As a co-founder and partner at, he has the honor and privilege of helping to train people all around the world to become more confident in their trading and investing decisions, regardless of their asset class or experience level.

Corey is a firm believer that with time, the right training, a rule-based strategy, and the personal discipline to make objective decisions based on the rules provided, anyone can learn to become more consistent in the financial markets.

“Great mentors have had a measurable impact on my growth as a trader,” he says. “It’s gratifying for me to provide the same for all of my students.”


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