Buy and Sell Signals Based on Institutional Trading


Date: July 12, 2018

Presenter: Peter Balla

Company: BuySide Global

Peter Balla, Managing Director at BuySide Global, demonstrates his proprietary software algorithms delivering real-time buy and sell signals on time-tested strategies. Add-on tools for NinjaTrader are able to track every movement of institutional traders’ bids and offers, providing clear insight into the forces that drive market direction.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Easily monitor order flow to identify price reversals
  • Learn where and when to enter, and manage your trades
  • Execute trades based on what the market is telling you
  • Read buy and sell pressure in the market to determine who’s in control

About Peter Balla

With over 25 plus years of Wall Street experience and elite MBA educations, BuySide Global’s proprietary software was built by a team of professional traders for some of the world’s largest investment banks.


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