Beyond Luck: Finding A Repeatable Edge Using the “2 Out Of 3” Method


Date: December 07, 2017

Presenter: Justin Weinraub

Company: DayTradeTheMarkets

Professional Trader and Educator, Justin Weinraub of, teaches you the “2 out of 3” Method for increasing your trading edge. Learn how to quantify the quality of a trade’s edge in real-time. This allows a trader to better trust their decision making process, and trade with more confidence.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • How to identify and fix the one mistake most aspiring traders make.
  • 3 key “evidence points” to monitor throughout the day.
  • Examples, explanation, and logic of high-edge trade entry setups.
  • Strategic trade exits: cutting poor trades as soon as possible and holding good trades as long as possible.

About Justin Weinraub

Justin has been trading since 2000. The first 7 years of his trading journey were a disaster. However, in 2007 he met a mentor that helped him understand trading and his role as a trader in a new light. That turned everything around. Now, Justin has taken that hard-earned knowledge and experience, expanded upon it, and helps other traders along their journey.

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