Barbecue the Competition Using DiNapoli Leading Indicators, Fib Levels and Trading Patterns

Coast Investment Software

Date: October 12, 2023

Presenter: Pieter van Wyk, Joe DiNapoli

Company: Coast Investment Software

Learn how DiNapoli levels give you accurate risk zones where the competition will act – all ahead of time. Get in front of the competition by recognizing these levels. 
You will also learn how two of the DiNapoli indicators give you information for the next bar. 
Then, recognize any of the power patterns to identify major changes in the market’s direction. 
Developed over a span of 40 years and still working today. 
Watch this webinar to learn more from Joe DiNapoli himself and DiNapoli Expert, Pieter van Wyk, using current market examples. 

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Identify risk zones ahead of time
  • Information for the next bar
  • Power patterns

About Pieter van Wyk, Joe DiNapoli

Joe DiNapoli is a veteran trader with over 55 yearsmarket trading experience. 
Joe, who was a registered CTA for over 20 years, has taught his techniques in the major financial capitals of Europe, Asia, Russia, the Middle East and South Africa, as well as in the United States. 
His most significant work to-date is the book Trading with DiNapoli Levels, which has become the industry standard for students of Fibonacci trading techniques. This book has been translated into seven languages to date. 
Joe’s exhaustive investigations into Displaced Moving Averages, his creation of the proprietary Oscillator Predictor and MACD Predictor, and in particular, his practical and unique method of applying Fibonacci ratios to the price axis, make him one of today’s most sought after experts. 
Pieter van Wyk is an active trader with over 20 years of market trading experience, covering a whole spectrum of global markets and various financial instruments. His formal education is in Economics. 
He has spoken at seminars in Cape Town, Johannesburg, London, Warsaw, Geneva, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Sarasota, Melbourne and Sydney. 
Currently, Pieter is a professional trader and hedge fund manager at a reputable South African financial firm, and continues to present education in Joe DiNapoli’s techniques. 
Stemming from a family of educators and teachers, combined with two decades of trading experience, Pieter keeps himself up to date by seeing Joe as often as possible to discuss market developments and new techniques. This enables him to carry over Joe’s methodology at a level understandable to traders just starting out, as well as those several years into their trading career.


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