Analyzing Candlestick Patterns


Date: June 10, 2021

Presenter: Kristoffer Lassen

Company: LizardIndicators

We all have a natural tendency to look for and interpret patterns around us.

We use patterns to evaluate our environment and make predictions for the future. They are part of our learning process and set the foundation for our ability to make decisions. Still, while some patterns are real, others are simply a product of chance. Therefore, searching for patterns can also lead to seeing things that aren’t really there…

Join LizardIndicators Co-Founder Kristoffer Lassen as he discusses Candlestick patterns – and what to look for when identifying potential trade setups.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • What bar type to use with Candlestick pattern analysis
  • When Candlestick patterns may indicate a change in trader psychology
  • Where to evaluate Candlestick reversals
  • How to evaluate the statistical probability of a Candlestick pattern

About Kristoffer Lassen

Kris co-founded LizardIndicators with lizard Harry a.k.a “Fat Tails” in 2014. This co-operation led to the creation of an extraordinary resource for the NinjaTrader community. The LizardIndicators Library contains 145+ open-source tools, available for a one-time, non-recurring registration fee of $150.


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