Accelerating Your Progress as a Trader


Date: December 19, 2019

Presenter: Daniel Roe

Company: Trade The Plan, LLC

Join TradeThePlan Founder & Head Trader Daniel Roe as he demonstrates the advanced tools his team has been developing for years to isolate very specific, high R-value trades.

Daniel shows you how to define the context, area, and confirmation for these entries and exits, as well as how to apply this high-level analysis as efficiently as possible with ToolBarPro for NinjaTrader 8. He also unveils a new service the TTP team is offering – Analysis Live – where daily analysis can be imported directly to the charts of traders who own ToolBarPro.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • See an overview of the TTP Methodology
  • Learn to determine trade context
  • Define areas for entries and likely exits
  • Confirm entries and exits
  • Find out about TTP’s new live analysis service

About Daniel Roe

Daniel began his trading career in 2007 working for a private equity fund in Ecuador. Over the past 12 years, he has spent most of his time developing and testing trading systems. In 2013, he launched, a custom strategy development service for users of the visual programming tool – BloodHound – by SharkIndicators.

Through developing hundreds of systems, Daniel was able to quickly filter out bad trading methods and focus solely on those he could prove had value. By 2015, Daniel had combined proven methods into his own unique style of trading. He has been working full-time with developers to perfect his tools and system ever since.


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