6 Fibonacci Types that Create the Most Precise Price Targets and Reversal Zones


Date: November 02, 2023

Presenter: Tom Winterstein, MBA

Company: ChartPros

The truth is while you may use Fibonacci, like most traders you likely don’t know all the Fibonacci types. Every trader that uses Fibs knows how to use swing Fibs. Learn the five other Fib types you’re missing out on!

Fibs are one of the most commonly used tools in price action trading for trending markets in helping create measured price movements, which can assist you in creating bi-directional future levels of interest and anticipate trend reversal zones.

Learn all the bull and bear Fib types you need to have on your charts, and how to properly place anchors for each trend type and scenario.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Fibonacci as a trending tool
  • The 6 different Fibonacci types that you can use on your charts
  • Common mistakes when using Fibonacci
  • Advanced Fibonacci concepts
  • Fibonacci chart examples

About Tom Winterstein, MBA

Tom Winterstein holds an MBA in finance. He is a serial entrepreneur, certified mental performance coach and has been trading since 1996.


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