6 Effective but Simple Indicators


Date: February 07, 2019

Presenter: Lloyd "Cash" Register, Josh Register

Company: PivotHunter

At PivotHunter, we take the simplest indicator of all, the moving average, and add functionality never seen before. Join the hunt with Lloyd & Josh Register and discover how PivotHunter’s tools make monitoring multiple charts simple.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Learn how to use the Angler, our patent-pending moving average
  • Discover how to set the slope of the Angler to trigger a color change
  • Find out how to use any line-based indicator as data for the Angler
  • Understand the Savitzky-Golay filter
  • See 5 other indicators for momentum and order flow

About Lloyd "Cash" Register, Josh Register

Lloyd “Cash” Register went from running over 60 insurance agencies to being an expert technical trader. With a core group of family and friends, Lloyd developed six different technical indicators which are all designed to give a simple presentation of market action.


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