3 Ways Automation Can Simplify Your Trading


Date: February 01, 2018

Presenter: Steve Wheeler

Company: NaviTrader

Chart confusion and overkill can lead to making emotional trading decisions. Steve Wheeler of NaviTrader shares how introducing automation into your trading can help identify market direction, and aid in rational trade management.

In this session, the following topics will be covered:

  • Identify key reversal pivot areas
  • Explore correlated entry and exit points
  • Manage trades with automatic trailing stops
  • Learn how to weather choppy markets

About Steve Wheeler

Steve Wheeler has been actively trading and investing in futures and equities markets for over 30 years. He developed the Trendicator charts, TradeFinder Market Analyzer, Automator Trading System, as well as several automated and back-testing systems that are used by discretionary traders around the world. Steve speaks nationally and internationally to trading groups and has authored several trading publications. He is an honors graduate from the University of Wisconsin & attended graduate school at the University of Minnesota. He was a CPA before becoming a full-time trader. He began NaviTrader, Inc. in 2002 with a passion for trading, goal achievement and life-long learning, assisting fellow trade.


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