Two Rules All Traders Should Follow


Date: March 02, 2023

Presenter: Paul Bratby

Company: Global Trading Software

Join Paul Bratby, Founder of Global Trading Software to learn how Institutional Traders make trading decisions to Buy or Sell with two rules that can´t be broken. Then see how he automated this process and applied it to NinjaTrader Charts using Logic that Institutional Traders don’t want you to know. 

Watch to learn:

  • A simple set of rules to help traders manage their risk
  • How to understand institutional trader behavior
  • How to identify when Institutional Traders are making decisions to Buy or Sell

About Paul Bratby

Paul Bratby is a retired money manager and has used his knowledge and experience to have complex trading strategies made simple with proprietary software with the belief that you should, “Keep trading Simple and Repeatable. 


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