ZombiePack2 Indicators

Zombie Pack 2 includes Zombie BarTimer, Zombie Candles, Zombie Plain Candles, Zombie 21 Candles, Zombie EMA, Zombie KeltnerATR, Zombie MACD, Zombie NetPriceChange, Zombie Power Line, Zombie PriceInfo, and Zombie Setup Alerts indicators.

  • Zombie BarTimer shows the remaining time on the current bar before it closes.
  • Zombie Candles help visually identify the "buy/sell zone" as well as strong pullbacks.
  • Zombie Plain Candles provide classic candle colors with the ability to change to candle outline and body colors
  • Zombie 21 Candles help visually identify the "buy/sell zone" as well as micro trends
  • Zombie EMAs includes 5 different EMA period lines (8, 21, 34, 55, 89) which help identify the "buy/sell zone" plus an EMA stack showing which lines are positive or negative. The 21-period EMA crossing the
  • 89-period EMA is what triggers a "buy/sell zone" change.
  • Zombie KeltnerATR shows 3 line levels above and below the 21-EMA at a distance of 1 average true range(ATR) each
  • Zombie MACD can draw attention early to a momentum shift
  • Zombie NetPriceChange shows the percentage difference from previous session close price
  • Zombie Power Line identifies the middle of a range and can draw attention early to a structure change
  • Zombie PriceInfo provides PnL for any open positions and pricing for the current instrument
  • Zombie Setup Alerts identify Zombie setups with dots and HalfLife setups with diamonds
  • Zombie2BarTimer v1.028
    Zombie2Candles v1.028
    Zombie2EMA v1.028
    Zombie2KeltnerATR v1.028
    Zombie2MACD v1.028
    Zombie2NetPriceChange v1.028
    Zombie2PlainCandles v1.028
    Zombie2PowerLine v1.028
    Zombie2PriceInfo v1.028
    Zombie2SetupAlerts v1.028
    Zombie21Candles v1.028
    Zombie21EMA v1.028
    Zombie21MACD v1.028

    Change Log
    06/27/2021 v1.028 - Renamed EnergyStack to MomentumStack and added FontSize property to SetupAlerts
    06/25/2021 v1.027 - Added Zombie21MACD
    06/23/2021 v1.024 - Updated default colors of Zombie2KeltnerATR
    06/22/2021 v1.023 - Renamed Zombie21Candles to Zombie2PlainCandles & Updated Zombie21Candles to leverage micro trend rules
    06/21/2021 v1.022 - Updated SetupAlerts to include "SetupWave" & added BarTimer,NetPriceChange,PriceInfo,& 21Candles
    05/23/2021 v1.014 - Added KeltnerATR & PowerLine changes
    05/13/2021 v1.012 - Improved line color changes
    05/12/2021 v1.010 - Added MACD & improved PowerLine
    04/22/2021 v1.008 - Improved setup alerts
    04/16/2021 v1.007 - Added setup alerts
    04/07/2021 v1.004 - Initial release

Created By RFrosty
NinjaTrader Version 8
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Create Date 04/05/2021
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